Feeding South Dakota

During my campaign I spent time in Winner, Wagner, Marty, and Lake Andes volunteering with Feeding South Dakota. Feeding South Dakota is an amazing organization whose mission is to end hunger in South Dakota. One thing that Feeding South Dakota does is travel the State with their mobile food pantry and distribute food to people struggling with food insecurity. Yesterday, I had the honor to help distribute food to people in my district. I got to meet some wonderful fellow volunteers and help others. We truly are better when we are helping one another.

If you are facing food insecurity you can find the schedule for Feeding South Dakota's Mobile Food Pantry Distribution here: https://feedingsouthdakota.org/.../mobile-food.../

If you are interested in volunteering with food distribution in your community, please get in contact with Feeding South Dakota at: https://feedingsouthdakota.org/contact/ They are always looking for volunteers.

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