It is difficult being a woman. It is hard being a mother.

No one understands how difficult more than our fellow women/mothers. We are caregivers in every sense of the word.

We care for our spouse, children, aging parents, and/or extended family while maintaining a household, working, volunteering, coaching, etc. Sadly, as a society, this work is not valued the way it should be. We carry such a heavy load, and most often we struggle in silence and our needs go unaddressed.

Issues in childcare, early education, maternal mortality, maternity/paternity leave, pregnancy discrimination, and work/pay discrimination will never be addressed unless we are represented by those who understand our struggles as women. They may see the struggle, but they have never felt it personally. It is not urgent to them. We feel it every day. It is urgent to us.

Our struggles as women persist in part because there continues to be a lack of women in positions of power and in government. Women bring a different and essential perspective to the table. When we do not have a voice at the table our concerns are not heard. The issues that affect us on a day to day basis, our struggles, and the discrimination we face are not presented and therefore are not addressed. Unless we elect more women to office, this will not change.

You can vote to put someone at the table who knows how difficult it is and will fight to make women’s concerns heard.

#womensworkiswork #voteherin #womenrepresentwomen

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