SD Democratic Party for Jessica Hegge

Jessica Hegge is running for the District 21 House of Representatives seat in 2020. Hegge lives with her husband and their three small children in rural Charles Mix County, outside of Platte, South Dakota.

Hegge is a sixth generation South Dakotan and comes from a long line of farmers and ranchers. She grew up on the family farm where she was taught from a young age the values of hard work, responsibility, empathy and sacrifice. These are values she practices every day in life and her career as an attorney.

Hegge’s calling is practicing law in rural and underserved communities. She is passionate about supporting South Dakota’s rural communities and making a better South Dakota with these areas in mind. If elected, Hegge’s focus will be on increasing access to affordable health care, education, diversification of agriculture production and small business development.

She believes that working together we can move South Dakota forward. Vote for Jessica on Nov. 3 or by absentee, which starts on Sept. 18.

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