What Party Are You With Anyway?!

Lately, I have had several people ask me what party I am affiliated with. I grew up in a family of strong Republicans, but am running for office as a Democrat. Most of my family still trust and support me, so I must be doing something right.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I hate partisan politics. I believe it is a major barrier to progress when both Republicans and Democrats are striving to advance their particular interests at all costs rather than those of the people they represent and the general public. I believe most people fall somewhere in the middle ground between the two parties. I tend to fall more to the left than the right. Therefore, I am a registered Democrat.

I think it is wrong to assume you know everything about someone based on their political party alone. I am against efforts by either party to dehumanize the other. We are all human and in this thing called life together. I believe in voting for the person, not the party. If elected, I will support good, constitutional legislation whether it is proposed by a Republican or a Democrat. The truth is if Republicans and Democrats cannot work together and come to some compromises nothing will get done!

If you have any questions about my positions on a certain issue, send me a message or an email. I would be happy to talk with you and get to know you better. These may be difficult conversations, but they are necessary if we want to move forward and make a better South Dakota.

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